Network Architectures

Some example use cases

  • Ports – Container/ship management
  • Alternative Energy – Status monitoring and control
  • Oil/Gas – Process monitoring and control in-field and offshore
  • Manufacturing process – Real-time process management
  • Manufacturing environment – Environmental control, Video monitoring
  • Warehouse – Stocking, location personnel
  • Large Commercial – Environmental etc.

Private LTE Cellular Network Characteristics

  • Network is owned by user, rather than an extension of a common carrier, so all communications are local, and no connection to the cloud is needed
  • Network utilizes spectrum allocated for private cellular networks, so there is no interference with unlicensed band operations
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor operations supported
  • Licensed deployment experts provide architectural and   deployment capabilities

Network Examples

Wireless ISP coverage area for 100′ tower and 16db receive antenna
Service Area

Tower Deployment – CBRS Sector and PTP backhaul

CBRS Tower
CBRS Tower
CBRS Tower
CBRS Tower
CBRS Tower
CBRS Tower

Industrial Environment CBRS Layout

Thermal Map
Heatmap of coverage area
Indoor routing map
Walk test of coverage area

Large Indoor – 2 x 4.6 Acre facility

Large deployment map