Steven Warwick, CEO

Connected Devices Inc. was founded by Steven Warwick to provide architecture, deployment and management services for Industrial/Commercial private cellular networks.

Mr. Warwick has extensive experience in wireless technology development and deployment. He has held senior-level marketing, R&D and product strategy positions at HP, Agilent and Harris Corp., He has held leadership positions in startups developing some of the critical infrastructure being deployed today, including Fiber/Coax digital delivery systems (company sold for >$1Bil.) , and mmWave (27GHz) cellular systems (company sold for $180Mil.). He has provided technical guidance to companies participating in FCC auctions, and led technical development of wireless networks supporting the high-speed trading industry. He has helped to raise over $300 Mil. in equity financing.

Mr. Warwick has an MBA with honors from Duke University, an MSEE degree from California Institute of Technology (CalTech) specializing in adaptive signal processing and a BSEE degree from University of California, Berkeley.